Another project of our company passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2024-02-23
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Recently, the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting for the project "Key Technologies and Products of Ceramic-based Rigid-Flex Printed Boards Applied to HD Camera Modules" was successfully held in Shenzhen Bomin. The main management team and core members of the project participated in the meeting. Seven experts, including Professor Zeng Ping from Shenzhen PCB Industry Association, Lv Weizhong from Shenzhen University Longgang Innovation Research Institute, and Chen Shirong from Guangdong PCB Industry Association, formed an evaluation committee.

At the meeting, Zhang Changming, deputy manager of Shenzhen Bomin Technology Center, made a report on the research methods and technical routes of the project, the main research results, the maturity of the technology, the application of the results, and the analysis of its prospects, technological innovation points, etc.

The project aims to address the high-heat dissipation, high-definition, and high-speed transmission requirements of high-definition cameras. It has studied technologies such as high-density rigid-flex printed circuit boards, shielding film reference layer signal integrity, and ceramic substrate processing. And developed a 60μm thick PP partial cover opening technology, an aluminum nitride ceramic partial metallization process, and a 0.3mm deep heat sink pad technology, achieving the development and mass production of high-density rigid-flex printed circuit boards for aluminum nitride heat dissipation high-definition camera modules. The project has applied for five invention patents and one utility model patent, of which two invention patents have been granted; one scientific and technological paper has been published publicly.

The evaluation team experts evaluated the project based on the standards and procedures for evaluating scientific and technological achievements, adhering to the principles of seeking truth from facts, objectivity and fairness, focusing on quality, and emphasizing effectiveness. They unanimously agreed that the technology of "Key Technologies and Products of Ceramic-based Rigid-Flex Printed Boards Applied to HD Camera Modules" project has reached the domestic leading level and has the value of promotion and application.

Over the years, our company has focused on the technological innovation and industrialization development of printed circuit boards, continuously improving our independent innovation capabilities, vigorously promoting the implementation of core technology research and key scientific and technological projects, and providing solid technical support for achieving high-quality sustainable development. This project has successfully passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, achieving innovative breakthroughs in the advanced production level and capabilities in the field of domestic high-definition camera modules, while accelerating the company's continuous improvement of product structure.