Testing process of manufacturing department 2 in Meizhou Bomin was award the 2022 “Woman Civilization Station” in Meijiang District
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2023-04-17
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On the eve of Women's Day on March 8th, the Meijiang District Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Meijiang District People's Government of Meizhou issued a document titled “Candidate Publicity The Bearer of Red Flag March 8 and Women's Civilization Station for the 2022 in in Meijiang District. Among them, the testing process of manufacturing department 2 in Meizhou Bomin was award the 2022 “Woman Civilization Station” in Meijiang District.

It is reported that this evaluation is committed to promoting advanced models, motivating and guiding women to firmly believe and work hard, and showcasing their heroism in opening up a new era of work. The proportion of female employees in this award-winning process system accounts for 63.41% of the total number of employees. In recent years, the company has faced many challenges due to the impact of complex environments. Female cadre Zhou Xiuping, as the supervisor, has played a demonstration role in consolidating the combat effectiveness of the entire team, and has made outstanding achievements in production progress, quality management, energy conservation and consumption reduction, efficiency improvement, safety production, team building, and other aspects; At the same time, I actively participated "Quality Knowledge Competition", "Anti Obsolescence Golden Ideas", "Comprehensive Quality Improvement Activity", "Four Function Team", "Annual Excellent Selection" and other activities, and have been praised as an "Excellent Team" multiple times, demonstrating the practical and dedicated spirit of "women also have lofty ideal, women do not lose to men ".

The company always adheres to the development belief of putting people first, and encourages the precious quality of being based on the position and courageously moving forward by establishing models and praising advanced methods. At the same time, we will further strengthen our care for female employees, continue to ensure their career development path, and make colorful diversity an important driving force for the company's high-quality development.