Jiangsu factory passed the pilot enterprise certification of the integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2022-04-18
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On March 2, the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of education and the Department of human resources and Social Security jointly issued a notice that our Jiangsu factory was identified as the "Fourth Batch of pilot enterprise certification of the integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities " and included in the construction and cultivation library of the integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities.

In recent years, Jiangsu factory has continued to promote the integration of industry and education, and has successively established extensive and in-depth school enterprise cooperation with University Of Electronic Science And Technology of China, Yancheng Teachers University, Yancheng Institute of Technology and other schools. Since 2018, nearly 100 students have joined our company. In addition, we have continuously strengthened the career and skill development of employees. In September 2020, we obtained the qualification of Jiangsu Vocational skill level for the first time, which can be used for the skill level identification of printed circuit manufacturers, and organized the examination for the first time in November 2021.

In the development plan of industry and education in recent three years, our company plans to carry out closer cooperation with colleges and universities in professional disciplines such as electronic circuit, physics and chemistry. Through the joint construction of employment practice base, improve the company's human resources construction level and cooperate with schools and enterprises for common development. Its main planning direction is: to accept characteristic classes and relevant college students into enterprises, and carry out multi post rotation training for students in the production and business links of enterprises. At the same time, taking the enterprise project as the design subject, senior engineers and technical experts are appointed to carry out practice guidance for students, provide talent demand information to colleges and universities, and provide convenience and support for cooperative colleges and universities in terms of students' social practice and employment.

In terms of human resources improvement, we are plan to organized temporary post communication with colleges and universities regularly, cooperate with graduates to carry out special research on employment and entrepreneurship, industry development and team construction, and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and process reengineering. Our company has established a targeted recruitment relationship with colleges and universities, gives priority to holding school recruitment activities in cooperative colleges and universities, enrolls students in characteristic classes, and creates a talent workstation or specialized talent base.